Pictures of Mr Black

Picture of AWB in Japan

Mr Black in Japan

from a 19th C temple picture

Picture of AWB in Cartoons

Mr Black in cartoons

from a Dr Seuss Book (1962)

Picture of AWB while with the Mysterons

Capt Black while with the Mysterons

a rare pre-bearded picture after
he left Spectrum to work for the Mysterons
(courtesy Capt Scarlet around 1970)

Picture of Alan W Black with a Clue

Dr Black in the library with the lead piping

before being murdered, Dr Black may have
had his own intentions in Clue (or Cluedo)

Picture of AWB as a rock star

During his musical period

Picture of AWB at Hogwart's

Sabbatical as Hogwarts groundskeeper

Picture of Alan W Black as Albus Dumbledore

Or maybe as a new Headmaster at Hogwarts

Picture of Alan W Black in a kilt

at his Scottish Castle

Picture of AWB as blackbeard

Blackbeard the pirate

Early 18th C from Governor Spotswood's archives

Picture of Alan Cox

as a Linux Hacker

actually awb was a pre-linux hacker
Picture of Rosslyn Chapel

Investigating Templar Treasure

at Rosslyn Chapel
Picture of Leonardo da Vinci

on Sabbatical in Italy