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Tagset size

The full tagset of 37 is too large to esimate all models reliably, so we investigated using smaller tagsets. To find the optimal tagset size we tested a progression of tagset sizes starting from 37 down to 2. We used a greedy algorithm finding the best tag combination at each stage. We found that a tagset size of 23 (formed by collapsing the sub-categories of the four major categories in the original) gave the best results. The following results show the results comparing the original, the 23 size set and sets of size 3 and 2. tex2html_wrap_inline129 only distinguishes words from punctuation, and tex2html_wrap_inline131 distinguishes content words, function words and punctuation. An ngram of length 6 was used throughout (see below).


In general our experiments showed that the optimal tagset size is between 15 and 25. Our standard tagset of 23 could be reduced slightly with a small improvement by combining rare tags (e.g. fw, foreign word) into the major categories.

Alan W Black
Tue Jul 1 17:09:00 BST 1997