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The end-to-end system runs on a standard Pocket PC device. We have tested it on a number of different machines, including various HP (Compaq) iPaq machines (38xx 39xx) and Dell Axims. It can run on 32M machines, but runs best on a 64M machine with about 40M made available for program space. Time from the end of spoken input to start of translated speech is around 2-4 seconds depending on the length of the sentence and the actual processor. We have found StrongARM 206MHz processors, found on the older Pocket PCs, slightly faster than XScale 400MHz, though no optimization for the newer processors has been attempted.

Upon startup, the user is presented with the screen as shown in Figure 1. A push-to-talk button is used and the speaker speaks in his language. The recognized utterance is first displayed, with the translation following, and the utterance is then spoken in the target language. Buttons are provided for replaying the output and for switching the input to the other language.

Alan W Black 2003-06-12