Blizzard 2007
in conjunction with the
Sixth ISCA Workshop on Speech Synthesis
Bonn, Germany / August 25, 2007

The IVO Software Blizzard 2007 Entry: Improving Ivona Speech Synthesis System

Michal Kaszczuk, Lukasz Osowski

IVO Software Sp., Gdynia, Poland

In this paper we wish to describe special version of Ivona Speech Synthesis System with US English voice developed in IVO Software for The Blizzard Challenge 2007. Current system is based on improved speech synthesis technique originally developed for the previous challenge - The Blizzard Challenge 2006. An evaluation made by different Blizzard listeners groups, which gave the highest Mean Opinion Score to Ivona shows us, that nowadays Ivona is one of the top of available Text To Speech solutions. Hence we show a basic overview of the Ivona Speech Synthesis System, methodology and problems which we experienced during building US English voice from the ATR database prepared for Blizzard Challenge 2007. We also show a short analysis of Blizzard Challenge 2007 results and future plans of development for Ivona Speech Synthesis System.

Full Paper

Bibliographic reference.  Kaszczuk, Michal / Osowski, Lukasz (2007): "The IVO software Blizzard 2007 entry: improving Ivona speech synthesis system", In BLZ3-2007, paper 010.