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Index Entry Section

.festivalrc6.3 Site initialization

/dev/audio23. Audio output
/dev/audio23. Audio output
/dev/dsp23. Audio output

access strategies21.5 Access strategies
accessing Lisp variables27.2.1 Example 1: adding new modules
acknowledgements3. Acknowledgements
addenda13.2 Defining lexicons
adding new directories27.2.3 Example 3: adding new directories
adding new LISP objects27.2.4 Example 4: adding new LISP objects
adding new modules27.2.1 Example 1: adding new modules
adding new voices24.3 Defining a new voice
after_analysis_hooks14.2 Utterance types
after_synth_hooks14.2 Utterance types
alternate diphones20.3 Database declaration
apostrophe s13.8 Post-lexical rules
asynchronous synthesis23. Audio output
atof8.4 Scheme I/O
audio command23. Audio output
audio command output6.3 Site initialization
audio devices23. Audio output
audio hardware6.1 Requirements
audio output23. Audio output
audio output filetype6.3 Site initialization
audio output rate6.3 Site initialization
audio problems6.4 Checking an installation
audio spooler23. Audio output
auto-text-mode-alist9.2 Text modes
automatic selection of text mode9.2 Text modes
automounter6.2 Configuration

backtrace8.3 Scheme Festival specifics
batch mode7.1 Basic command line options
BEEP lexicon13.3 Lookup process
BEEP lexicon13.7 Available lexicons
before_synth_hooks14.2 Utterance types
bug reports7.3 Getting some help

C interface28.5 C only API
C++6.1 Requirements
CART trees14.6 Features
CART trees25.2 CART trees
Cascading style sheets10. XML/SGML mark-up
catching errors8.3 Scheme Festival specifics
catching errors in Scheme8.3 Scheme Festival specifics
change libdir at run-time6.3 Site initialization
client28.3.2 Client control
client/server protocol28.3.3 Server/client protocol
CMU lexicon13.3 Lookup process
CMU lexicon13.7 Available lexicons
command line options7.1 Basic command line options
command mode7. Quick start
command mode7.1 Basic command line options
compiled lexicons13.3 Lookup process
compiling a lexicon13.2 Defining lexicons
compressing the lexicon13.5 Building letter to sound rules
config/config6.2 Configuration
configuration6.2 Configuration
consonant clusters21.6 Diphone selection
convert string to number8.4 Scheme I/O
creating a lexicon13.2 Defining lexicons
creating utterances26.1 Labelling databases
CSLU24.1 Current voices
CSS10. XML/SGML mark-up
current voice24.2.9 Resetting globals
CUVOALD lexicon13.7 Available lexicons

dark l’s21.6 Diphone selection
database labelling26.1 Labelling databases
databases26. Building models from databases
debugging Scheme errors8.3 Scheme Festival specifics
debugging scripts8.3 Scheme Festival specifics
declaring text modes9.3 Example text mode
default diphone20.3 Database declaration
default voice6.3 Site initialization
defSynthType14.2 Utterance types
defUttType14.2 Utterance types
dictionary13. Lexicons
diphone alternates20.3 Database declaration
diphone group files20.4 Making groupfiles
diphone index20.2 Generating a diphone index
diphone names21.6 Diphone selection
diphone selection20.6 Diphone selection
diphone synthesis20. UniSyn synthesizer
diphone synthesis21. Diphone synthesizer
diphone_module_hooks21.6 Diphone selection
diphone_phone_name21.6 Diphone selection
directory structure27.1 The source code
display14.7 Utterance I/O
documentation6.1 Requirements
DSSSL10. XML/SGML mark-up
duff intonation18.1 Default intonation
duration19. Duration
duration stretch19. Duration

Edinburgh Speech Tools Library3.3 Edinburgh Speech Tools Library
editline6.1 Requirements
Emacs interface11. Emacs interface
email mode9.3 Example text mode
eou_tree9.1 Utterance chunking
errors in Scheme8.3 Scheme Festival specifics
exiting Festival7.2 Sample command driven session
extracting features26.2 Extracting features

F0 generation18.2 Simple intonation
fclose8.4 Scheme I/O
feature extraction26.2 Extracting features
features14.6 Features
features25.2 CART trees
features32. Feature functions
Festival relations14.1 Utterance structure
Festival script files7.1 Basic command line options
festival.el11. Emacs interface
festival_client28.3.2 Client control
festival_client.c28.5 C only API
file i/o in Scheme8.4 Scheme I/O
fixed durations19.1 Default durations
flinger29.2 Singing Synthesis
fopen8.4 Scheme I/O
format8.4 Scheme I/O
formatted output8.4 Scheme I/O
FreeBSD23. Audio output

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