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Index Entry Section

g++6.1 Requirements
garbage collection29.1 POS Example
GC29.1 POS Example
GNU g++6.1 Requirements
GNU readline6.1 Requirements
group files20.4 Making groupfiles
group files21.3 Group files
grouped diphones20.1 UniSyn database format

heap size7.1 Basic command line options
hello world7.2 Sample command driven session
help7.3 Getting some help
homographs13.1 Lexical entries
homographs15.3 Homograph disambiguation
hooks8.3 Scheme Festival specifics

i/o in Scheme8.4 Scheme I/O
init.scm6.3 Site initialization
initialization6.3 Site initialization
Initialize14.2 Utterance types
installation initialization6.3 Site initialization
interactive mode7.1 Basic command line options
IntEvent labelling26.1 Labelling databases
IntEvent labelling26.1 Labelling databases
intonation18. Intonation
int_accent_cart_tree18.2 Simple intonation
IRIX23. Audio output
item functions14.5 Accessing an utterance
Items14.1 Utterance structure

Java28.6 Java and JSAPI
JSAPI28.6 Java and JSAPI

Klatt duration rules19.3 Klatt durations

labelling26.1 Labelling databases
language specification7.1 Basic command line options
laryngograph20.1.1 Generating pitchmarks
letter to sound rules13.2 Defining lexicons
letter to sound rules13.4 Letter to sound rules
letter to sound rules13.4 Letter to sound rules
letter to sound rules24.2.2 Lexicon and LTS
lexical entries13.1 Lexical entries
lexical stress13.1 Lexical entries
lexicon6.1 Requirements
lexicon13. Lexicons
lexicon13.7 Available lexicons
lexicon addenda13.2 Defining lexicons
lexicon compression13.5 Building letter to sound rules
lexicon creation24.2.2 Lexicon and LTS
lexicon hooks13.3 Lookup process
lexicon requirements13.6 Lexicon requirements
linear regression14.6 Features
linear regression25.5 Linear regression
Linux6.2 Configuration
Linux23. Audio output
load-path6.3 Site initialization
loading a waveform14.7 Utterance I/O
loading data from files8.4 Scheme I/O
local duration stretch19. Duration
lookup hooks13.3 Lookup process
LPC analysis20.1.2 Generating LPC coefficients
LPC residual20.1.2 Generating LPC coefficients
LTS13.4 Letter to sound rules

manual7.3 Getting some help
mapping between phones12. Phonesets
minimal system6.2 Configuration
MOBY lexicon13.7 Available lexicons
modules14.4 Utterance modules
monotone18.1 Default intonation
mrpa lexicon13.7 Available lexicons
multiple lexical entries13.3 Lookup process

NAS23. Audio output
netaudio23. Audio output
new modules27.2.1 Example 1: adding new modules
NFS6.2 Configuration
ngrams25.3 Ngrams
NO digits13.6 Lexicon requirements
nsgmls10.4 XML/SGML requirements

offline TTS7.2 Sample command driven session
OTHER_DIRS6.2 Configuration
output file type6.3 Site initialization
output sample rate6.3 Site initialization
overriding diphone names21.6 Diphone selection
Oxford Advanced Learners’ Dictionary13.7 Available lexicons

Paradigm Associates3.1 SIOD
Parameters14.4 Utterance modules
parse-number8.4 Scheme I/O
part of speech map13.1 Lexical entries
part of speech tag13.1 Lexical entries
part of speech tagging16. POS tagging
perl28.3.2 Client control
personal text modes9.2 Text modes
phone maps12. Phonesets
phoneme definitions12. Phonesets
Phones utterance14.3 Example utterance types
phoneset definitions24.2.1 Phoneset
phonesets12. Phonesets
phrase breaks17. Phrase breaks
pitchmarking20.1.1 Generating pitchmarks
playing an utterance7.2 Sample command driven session
POS13.1 Lexical entries
POS example29.1 POS Example
POS tagging16. POS tagging
possessives13.6 Lexicon requirements
possessives13.8 Post-lexical rules
post-lexical rules13.8 Post-lexical rules
post_hooks13.3 Lookup process
power normalisation20.1.2 Generating LPC coefficients
predicting stress13.5 Building letter to sound rules
pretty printing8.4 Scheme I/O
pre_hooks13.3 Lookup process
proclaim_voice24.3 Defining a new voice
programming27. Programming
pronunciation13.1 Lexical entries
PSOLA20.5 UniSyn module selection
punctuation15.1 Tokenizing

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