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CMU Communicator KAL limited domain
This databases is used for a limit domain synthesis for the dialog system used in the CMU Darpa Communicator. Communcator is a automated telephone based dialog systems for booking flight information. This is much more general domain than time or weather information, but shows that an adequate voices may still be generated. As this voices is tailored to the particular language generation module in the CMU communicator The database consists of 500 utterances. selected by looking at the most frequent utterances made by the communciator over a 3 months period, plus others to ensure word coverage of the domain. This database is free for any use (see licence for details).
  • Full directory structure in
  • Packed version suitable for running and future development (wav/ lab/ pm/ festvov/ bin/ etc/ festival/ wav/ mcep/ src/).
  • Am example dialog
  • The clunits unit selection module for Festival used in these limited domain example is still being updated. The actual version used in this example is available from festopt_clunits.tar.gz (though later versions also work).
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